To strive towards comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of backward and underprivileged section of community with Gandhian philosophy and its guideline in extreme remote area of Vagad – Kutch.


Make committed efforts to upliftment of underprivileged section of community with the approach of comprehensive, balance and sustainable development with implementing Gandhian Philosophy and guideline.


To strive for good education, health and employment to underprivileged
and remote area and needy families with incorporate with Gandhian Philosophy
and principle guideline thus they can live life with equity and dignity.
Make dedicated and committed efforts for overall development of extreme backwards Vandhs (hamlets) of Vagad area of Kutch.


  • To attain real Gram Swaraj through Lok Jagruti and Lok Shakti
  • To make people self-reliant
  • To dedicated attempts towards a non violent, tolerant and healthy society with the spirit of Sarvoday through constructive work, educational, cultural and other activities.
  • Environmental Protection
  • To inculcate the values of truth,Ahinsa, and religious tolerance.
  • To provide dedicated and committed efforts for extreme internal and underprivileged people for their comprehensive development.