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Founder of Gram Swaraj Sangh – Shree Manibhai Sanghavi – True Gandhian

First Step of Life:

Shree Manibhai Sanghvi enrolled in standard 1st at the age of 9 years at Guruvarya shree Nanalal Vora’s primary school (Mandavi – Kutch). Here he has completed education till standard 6th in just two year and gain academic and education of virtues and entered in G.T highschool in standard 7th which was also Standard 2nd of English education.  Here he came in contact with noble personality – Shree Mavjibhai Ved and his influence change the mind set of teenage young boy and converted orthodox Jainism mindset in to humanity.

Second Step of Life:

Mahatma Gandhiji’s Magnetic, creative and conscious and adamant unswerving thoughts spread in all over the country and it influence deeply on youth of the country deeply.  Manibhai also influence deeply from these Gandhian thoughts and played key role on development of organization like- Bhimani Khadi Gramodhyog Sangh, Kutch Khadi Gramodhyog Sangh, Kutch Rachanatmank Mandal.

Third Step of Life:

At the mature age, Vinobaji’s “Bhudan Yagna” take over mind, heart and did and all the existence of Manibhai Sanghvi and he has given 25 years of his life to this mission of Bhudan, Gramdan, Wealthdan, Sadhandan, and Sarvoday and played important role of this mission in Kutch district.

Forth Step of Life:

Passion of hard working and simple living made him village’s farmer and kept involvement in social activities in Vagad area of Kutch.

Fifth Step of Life:

In 1978 , he has initiate one more venture. With the view and concept of comprehensive Rural Development he has established organization – Gram Swaraj Sangh at the age of 57. He has done great work for sustainable community development through  Community education and awareness process. This flame of work of awareness and development of community is going on by Gram Swaraj Sangh without a pause.

On 6th Oct 2008, at the age of 88  his soul left the body with extreme peace and awareness. And the pure soul – which rising in Mahabharat’s Viratnagari (Recent Gedi Village) and spent whole life for others and rested in Vagad area of Kutch with great contribution for mankind.

Birth Century

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